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Dear clients,

This email is a follow up to the email on Pensions Auto-Enrolment and is aimed at those clients who pay more than £481 per month to a married partner, where that person is not a director.  To avoid the need to set up and administer a pension scheme under Auto-Enrolment your partners will either have to have a pay cut or be appointed as a director.  Alternatively, you can proceed down the Auto-Enrolment route should you desire to do this.  Should you decide to cut the salary this is a simple step but you will pay more in Corporation Tax.  Should you decide to proceed with a directorship, this will maintain the best tax saving option, but there may be some restrictions on other employment that prevent your partner being appointed a director.  As Capsa Accounting are not an IFA, we cannot advise on whether it is better to make alternative pension arrangements or advise on selecting a pension provider for auto-enrolment.  Please let me know what you want to do in due course and we will be happy to implement it.
Best wishes,

Sales quotes


This is a general email to all clients who are likely to be interested in using a new optional facility in Liberty Accounts introduced today to be able to produce Quotes.  These quotes can be edited and converted into invoices once accepted by a customer, which avoids duplication of work when creating a sales invoice.  Because the quote can be edited, it will also allow costs and time to be accumulated, as they are incurred, and then converted into an invoice at a later date.  The link below from Liberty Accounts is to a short video and to a User Guide.
Should you wish your version of the system to have the new facility for Quotes to be enabled, just reply to this email.

Salary levels for Directors 2014-15


Dear all,

This is a general email to all clients concerning salary levels for directors for the 2014-15 tax year.  This is complicated by the introduction of the £2000 annual Employment Allowance, which is a relief for Employers National Insurance.  It follows that to obtain this full relief, you must be employing someone where Employers National Insurance is being paid at more than £2000.  Since the objective in paying directors salaries has been to pitch it at a level that avoids paying any National Insurance, this introduces an additional complication.  If there are other employees already paying Employers National Insurance of more than £2000, we are recommending that directors salaries are increased from the 2013-14 level of £641 up to £663 this year.  The attached briefing note explains the reasoning for paying an annual salary of £7956, which equals £663 per month.
Where there are no employees or the employees are low earners where Employers National Insurance is not paid, then we are recommending that salaries for directors are increased to £833 per month.  The additional £170 per month will have National Insurance deducted, which will cost another £245 per annum.  This will need paying to HMRC as a fourth quarter payment in April 2015 and we will remind you at the time.  The additional monthly salary will save Corporation Tax at 20%, totalling £408 for the year.  The net saving is, therefore, £163 (£408 less £245).
For companies where there are employees, where total Employers National Insurance of less than £2000 is being paid, it may make sense to pay a directors salary of somewhere between £663 and £833.  We will write to those directors separately with specific recommendations.
Please get back to me if we can help further.
Best wishes,

Receipt Bank


This is a general e mail to all clients.

We are continually looking for ways to enhance the offering we make to you and have recently signed a practice licence with Receipt Bank.  Whilst most of our monthly accounting service is online and uses email, handling of supplier receipts is a burden to our clients and a continuing challenge to us.  Receipt Bank have come up with a low cost solution to this problem and it works by storing your receipts electronically online for the statutory period of six years, but Receipt Bank have gone a step further by providing integration with online accounting systems to make the whole process as easy as possible.
The first thing Receipt Bank have done is simplify the process of gathering receipts by many methods, but the most important for our clients are the following:
1.  Where receipts are stored on Dropbox, Receipt Bank scan through every six hours.  All you need to do is keep using Dropbox as you did before.
2.  By providing a Mobile App so receipts can be photographed.  This is particularly useful for small bills like restaurants, rail tickets etc.  Once photographed the App automatically sends the receipt off to Receipt Bank, so all you need to do is press a button.
3.  By allocating a unique e mail address for use with online purchases, instead of your own email address.  As an example, an Amazon receipt would be automatically sent to Receipt Bank as you are making the purchase.
4.  By emailing a receipt to your unique Receipt Bank e mail address.
Receipt Bank then provide a spreadsheet that analyses all receipts received, split by payment method that we can download.  This means we can separately process payments made by cash, credit cards and debit cards, identified by the source – such as whether it is a business or a personal card.  For some other online accounting systems, Receipt Bank fully integrates, so processing from the spreadsheet is online.  I am happy to say that the requirements have been discussed with Receipt Bank and Liberty Accounts have agreed to include this in their development schedule, so we can all take full advantage of this new technology.
Once a receipt is stored on Receipt Bank, there is no need to keep a paper copy and it is always available for you or us to examine or print a copy, if needed.  This truly is a step that can achieve the paperless office and we do all of the setup for you.
The cost of the Receipt Bank service is £9 per month plus VAT, subject to a fair usage limit.
We have negotiated an arrangement whereby any clients signing up for the service don’t have to commence paying until 1st April 2014.  If you wish to participate, all you need to do is e mail back that you want to go ahead and all you would need to do is change your monthly payment from 1st April 2014.
If you require further information please take a look at www.receipt-bank.com or contact me.

HMRC Fee Protection Insurance

This is a general e mail to all clients concerning our fee protection insurance.   The annual renewal date for this policy is 1st July.  It covers named clients against the substantial accounting fees that could arise from any HMRC investigation and full details are provided in the attached leaflet.  The cost is £15 per month plus VAT and we have been able to hold at this level for another year.  If any client is interested in subscribing to our policy, please let me know by Wednesday 26th June.

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We have a great rapport with our clients and over the years have built up a working relationship that is second to none. Our customers know that we deliver a systematic, trustworthy set of financial services to help them succeed in their business mission. It is our aim to ensure that all of the businesses that we support are empowered to take charge of their monetary responsibilities and at the same time be freed up to excel at delivering the products and services that they offer to their clients.

CAPSA have been an invaluable business support over the years that our company has developed and grown. I have such peace of mind that when something needs doing CAPSA will email me to let me know with plenty of time to get it done. They're always there to give advice and no question has been to hard (or too simple) for them to answer for us. It's great to know that the headache of finances is competently looked after by someone else.

Tim Waters

Director, Easy Web Computing Ltd

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